Vegan advent calendars

Vegan Advent Calendars

This Christmas is set to be an exciting one for lovers of dairy-free and ‘free from’ chocolate. Your favourite chocolate-makers, Moo Free, have no less than three vegan advent calendars this year! As always, behind each door is a deliciously chocolatey surprise!
Famous white choccy!
We started off with our super-yummy original calendar, made with our Premium Organic recipe. This premium dairy free advent calendar really is the crème-de-la-crème of advent calendars. But then last year you all got super excited about our delicious white chocolate, so we set to work and launched our white chocolate advent calendar in time for Christmas 2020. For white choccy fans who are vegans, allergy sufferers or just cutting down on the dairy, this was great news. As with all of our chocolatey delights, our white chocolate is free from dairy, gluten and soya.

Vegan advent calendars

Everyone at MFHQ was more than excited about the new dairy-free advent calendar in yummy white choc. Moo Free CEO, Andrea Jessop, said, “There’s a real buzz around this new calendar – word somehow got out before its release. Vegan white chocolate is notoriously hard to get right but our recipe really seems to hit the mark. Our white chocolate products sell really well.”

Christmas 2021 - Completing the family

All Moo fans know that we love to hear what you’ve got to say about our choc. And we also love you to tell us what choc you’d like us to make. This year you said you’d like a calendar with choc surprises made with our original Rainforest Alliance chocolate.


So we made one!


Exciting, huh? At £3.99, this new advent is the same price as the white chocolate advent calendar. It’s also got the marvellously original Moo Free artwork that everyone loves. Who says that a space rocket can’t be festive? Right now, we feel that the new calendar completes our little family of advent calendars. But who knows what might happen next year…!