Vegan, GF Rocky Road

Vegan, GF Rocky Road

Recipe Incoming....⁠

Moo Free Rocky Road😍⁠

- 2 packets of "Milk" baking drops⁠
- 1 bag of Rocky Jumble⁠
- 30g dairy-free, gluten-free biscuits⁠
- 50g vegan butter⁠

- 100g Moo Free baking drops (for covering)⁠
- Any other desired toppings⁠

1. Melt 200g of Moo Free baking drops along with 30g of dairy-free butter.⁠
2. Add the remaining ingredients and mix until coated with chocolate.⁠
3. Line a deep tray with greaseproof paper and spread the mixture evenly.⁠
4. Melt the remaining chocolate and pour it over the mixture, ensuring even coverage.⁠
5. Add any optional toppings.⁠ (We used our vegan, free from mallows).
6. Chill in the fridge for an hour.⁠
7. Slice into cubes and enjoy!⁠