Vegan Chocolate Millionaires Squares

Vegan Chocolate Millionaires Squares

Marshmallow Squares

🍬35g Marg of choice 

🍬225g White Mini Marshmallows

🍬175g Rice Krispies



🍬200g Marg of choice 

🍬 3 Tbsp Caster Sugar

🍬 3 Tbsp Golden Syrup

🍬1x Tin Vegan Condensed Milk (carnation) 


Vegan Chocolate Millionaire Squares



🍬200g Moo Free Chocolate 




Base - Melt 35g of margarine and mini marshmallows over a medium heat. Once fully melted combine with the rice crispies & mould into a lined baking tray (I also squish down/push with using baking paper) 

Set aside in fridge whist you make the caramel.


Caramel - add all of the ingredients together in a pan for the caramel steps and cook as per condensed milks instructions. Once cooked pour over the base and again set aside in fridge (about 2 hours) 


Chocolate top - melt 200g of moo green chocolate using a Bain-Marie effect. Pour melted chocolate over caramel and again set aside in fridge to set.


Once fully set, turn out of baking tin and cut into bite size squares

by Carly Dinner